Two of The Same

Monday, September 26, 2016

Good Morning and Happy Monday!... I know I know. Happy Monday? No such thing, right? Believe me, as a girl that has to wake up at 5 every weekday and 7 every Sunday I LOVE my sleep and time I get down.  So by the time Monday comes back around it is incredibly easy to complain, and mope around because I still have the rest of the week left.  What does that do for us though? What does it do for the people we're around?  Does our complaining mean Monday won't come around next week? If that happens for you please let me in on the secret, because it's never happened to me.  However changing our mindsets about Monday can do a lot.  No matter what you do Monday is always going to come around.  If we started treating Monday like a fresh beginning, like a chance to cheer up others, or like a day we can share Jesus' love think of how much we and others would benefit from it!  Start today by looking at Monday with a positive attitude and making it useful!

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Photos by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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