The Perfect Twirling Skirt

Monday, September 12, 2016

The moment I first put this skirt on I LOVED it! It's lovely print is beautiful, the length is lovely, and the high waist comes up to just the right spot, BUT that is not what makes it so wonderful! IT IS THE PERFECT TWIRLING SKIRT! I can't help but twirl at the oddest moments when I have it on! The day I wore this I was actually twirling in my art class, and my best friend started to joke about videotaping me while I twirled.  I actually happen to LOVE these pictures because the skirt looks as dreamy as it feels (so i am so very sorry for the overload of pictures!).  I got this skirt at Marshalls this past spring, but the colors just seemed to not fit the season for me.  So I wore it two times since I got it and now that it's fall I am SO excited to wear this skirt time and time again.  Where I live it's still pretty hot, but how I long for the fall breezes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweaters, fun tights, and cozy jackets.  I look forward to wearing this skirt with a black flowy top I have when the air gets a bit chillier, but I settled for this white thin blouse for the hot temperature.  
Right now I am eying some beautiful circle skirts you should take a look at! Minnie Mouse Inspired SkirtPumpkin Skirt Perfect For The FallBaby Pink Pin Up 50's SkirtBeautiful Red Tulle Skirt (styled by my favorite blogger here), and this Beautiful Bird Skirt.

Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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