Tea For The Weekend: The Water Challenge

Saturday, September 17, 2016

As you can see there is just plain ol' water in my cup with a few berries.  Well my church is doing something called The Water Challenge!  For TWO WHOLE WEEKS we are saving our dollars and saying goodbye to tea (I'm over here crying... Don't mind me!), coffee, juice, milk, pop, or anything other drink.  For every time we would walk into a coffee shop, up to a pop machine, or pick out a special drink at the store, we are getting water instead and putting are save money into our change jar.  By the end of the two weeks our church will hope to have raised at least $80,000 to buy seeds to send around the world.  So many people have nothing to eat but water is all around the world so with the help of our seeds and tea fasting people will have food.  I love the idea of it, but trust me- coming a from a tea addict I am REALLY MISSING MY TEA!  I have actually been warming up water to drink so it is similar at least in one way to hot tea, haha!  Right now I am settling for some water with black berries slightly flavoring my water.  Have a lovely day and drink a second cup of tea for me!

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