Tea For The Weekend: Tea Addiction

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I never knew tea addiction could be a real thing until my church did The Water Challenge as I mentioned in last weeks post.  Well I now know that is a real thing, and that I have it.  It has been so incredibly hard! I actually had a tea bag out that I had been sniffing the entire two weeks (that is until I got desperate enough to chew on the tea bag and ripped a hole in it... Whoops!).  Well as you can see this post appears to be a day late, but I wanted to wait a day so that I could actually share you a tea!!! AND here I am FINALLY drinking my tea!  I was seriously tempted make every tea I own this morning, however I contained myself.

This tea has been a family favorite for years now.  It's called Mango & Friends and may I say, It is SOOO good!  What's amazing about this tea is that it is naturally sweet because of the fruit in it so you don't need to add any sugar! I suggest to click on over to Mr. Trombly's Tea Room to order some of this now! Have a Happy Sunday!

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