Sunday Devotional: 1 Kings 22:5

Sunday, September 25, 2016

1 Kings 22:5

5. First seek the counsel of the Lord. 

How often do you go tell you your friends the latest gossip, what that one person said to you, or what every single problem you have is? A lot? I think it can be easy to talk about all of our problems to anyone that will listen, and believe me it's not wrong to have a good friend, mom, boyfriend, or husband to go to for help or advice.   However the first person you need to go to is Jesus.  He can solve ALL your problems if you simply listen to you.  Sometimes what He wants us to do is not quite what we had in mind, but if we trust Him we will succeed in what God wants us to!  There is a HUGE difference between ranting and asking for advice.  When you go to other people (after you've went to God) maybe share with them how you feel about the issue or what you feel God has laid on your heart to do.  It certainly isn't as easy as it seams, but it is so worth it.  Your relationship with God and other people will grow and prosper.

Dear God,
I pray that each of us will take that step in faith in going to you first, in asking you for help, and trusting in what you want ask of us.  I ask for the courage and strength and love we need to go about our problems, questions, and even our simple daily issues.  It is in Jesus' name I pray Amen!

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