Peaches and Creamy Lace

Friday, September 16, 2016

Once upon a time, there was a girl that loved being with her mom, loved to dress up, and had a birthday very very soon.  This girl was always with her mom and, so she always knew what her mom was getting her for any kind of special occasion!  This girl loved being surprised though.  Well with her birthday right around the corner her mom naturally asked her what she wanted.  The girl told she wanted this beautiful peachy and lace detailed dress from ModCloth! She sent the link to her mom, and lo and behold a few weeks later the girl opened up her gift at her birthday party and was VERY unsurprised to pull the infamous peachy dress out of the bag!  Even though the girl was 99.99% sure she was getting it she was thrilled and SO VERY happy!

Well the girl (can you guess who the girl is by the way?;P) loves the dress! She wears it quite a bit! It is super comfy, perfect for a hot day, it's lined, and it's the perfect length! Whats your ideal "perfect" sundress!?

Photos by Mike Hicks-Edited by Me

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