Flower Crown Tutorial: Red Roses

Friday, September 2, 2016

So today I'm going to teach you how to make a flower crown! Let's get started!

Supplies: hot glue gun, 4 brown wire stems, green vines, and 2 red rose bundles (or any flower you choose)

 Step 1- Remove all the flowers, leaves, and vines from their stems by pulling on them.  You can see where they hook on, and all you have to do is give them a little pull there at the base of them.

Step 2- Take two wire stems and twist them at the top to get them secured together.

Step 3- Get some of your vines (I used two at a time) and twist them into the wire as you twist the wire as well.

Step 4- Then just continue to add more vines as needed.

Step 5- As you can see I left loose ends so that I could twist on more wire to the ends of these because they weren't long enough to wrap around my head.  So you will add another wire strand to each of your ends on the side you just left off on.  Just like this. 

Step 6- Now add more vines like you have been but leave 3-5 inches on the end of just twisted wire.  Fit the crown to your head, and then twist very tightly so that it doesn't untwist in the future.

Step 7- Now onto the flowers! Take the flowers at the stem and put it on a leaf, glu them, put another leaf on the other side, and hold together and they have cooled down and dried. 

It should look like this! 

Step 8- I also glued the leaves where three are connected and have a hole onto the flowers.  Put the flower upside down, put glue on the top of the stem, and then slide the three leaf bundle down onto the glued stem like this. 

Step 9- Once you do that with all your flowers start gluing the flowers to the crown! Do it slowly and be aware of the placement.  You should arrange the flowers before you actually glue them to make sure you like it AND you have enough.

Step 10- Once they are all on and dry twist the crown to the adjustments of how like it on your head. 

Step 11- Wear it, rock it, and share it! 

Photos by Me and Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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