Dressing With Class

Monday, September 5, 2016

Good morning! So today I want to share with you something that can be difficult in today's generation- dressing with class in a classless generation.  When I stand and stare, push through, and look over and over again at clothing racks it can be hard to find shorts that are long enough, tops that cover my midriff, dresses that are at LEAST to mid thigh, and so on and so on!  It can be sooo frustrating!  I love to dress myself in fun pieces, but I also like to cover the majority of my skin.  It seems that every year when summer comes around the shorts get shorter, the tank tops get skimpier, and the dresses get tinier.  So I've been VERY happy with the midi skirts coming back into style because now I can find more of them at more reasonable prices (like this one!)!!! But if you're like me a tip for you is to not let society change you OR your style! Don't change yourself to make society like you more, and don't lower your standards for your clothing.  Trust me- there will be shopping trips you come home empty handed, dressing room disappointments, and price tags that are way too high, but don't let that get you down.  To be honest I go to the women's department and skip the junior racks sometimes!  There will be quite a few "no"s sometimes, but you can find some real gems like I did here and here!  

Sometimes patience is key.  Whether it be for the right thing to finally come out or for something to go on sale whatever it may be just wait for it because you shouldn't have to wear a skimpy sundress or tight short shorts just because that's all a store had.  LOOK ONLINE!!!! There are so many vintage inspired clothing lines, modest STYLISH clothes, and not all of it is expensive!!! ModCloth can be expensive sometimes but they ALWAYS have fantastic deals like their BIG summer clearance right now, SheIn has some stylish modest pieces (you have to hunt for the modest pieces but they are ALWAYS great prices), if you have a little more to spend on a special vintage dress check out Unique Vintage (SUCH CUTE RETRO DRESSES AND SKIRTS!!!!), and Poshmark is a great way to thrift for name brands at great prices (and a great way to sell pieces you don't wear anymore, and get a little cash for some new things!)! There are so many options, so don't settle!

Photos by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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