Tea For The Weekend: Tea For Two

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Good afternoon everyone!  As I write this I am cuddled up with a blanket on my couch sipping my yummy tea.  I am a tea person ALL THE WAY!  I will occasionally have a Frappuccino at Starbucks but I NEVER drink straight coffee!  I could live on tea if it was the only thing I could drink.  I pretty much already do though:P  My mom and I drink tea for breakfast,  I get an iced tea in the middle of the day form our local coffee shop, and we have a pot in the evening as we watch the Hallmark Channel.  Tea probably runs through my veins! LOL!  
Today I'm going to share with you one of our favorite easy make teas! Green Tea Kombucha is a delicious fruity tea that not only tastes good, but it's GREAT for your body!  It's made with oraganic green tea leaves and is full with antioxidants.  The one that I am drinking does have caffeine, but you can get this tea caffeine free though.  This tea has green tea leaves, lemongrass, spearmint,  kombucha, and natural fruit flavorings- AND IT'S ALL ORGANIC!  Now when I say Kombucha some of you may scrunch your nose and say NO WAY! I said that too when saw this tea! My one brother, Alan, is a total health nut and loves to work out! And he makes Kumbucha which is a fermented tea with this nasty looking bacteria in it.  You couldn't pay me to drink it, but this past Christmas my brother, Drew, and his wife, Kristen, gave me some teas for a Christmas exchange and this one was among them!  I was a little concerned to take the first sip but once I did there was no turning back!I LOVED IT!  I have always loved using loose leaf teas but this is such a wonderful tea bag that has a potent enough taste to use twice and tastes so good! SO I totally recommend this tea!  You can find it online here or at your local health food store.   
As for the tea pot we got it in Savannah!  We LOVE these FORLIFE Tea Pots! You can get them in different colors, different styles, different sizes, and you can even get a french press if you insist drinking coffee -_-)!  My British flag tea cup is from Mr. Trombly's Tea near San Francisco, and black floral tea cup was a gift to my mom.  Have a wonderful Saturday! 

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