Tea For The Weekend: Berries and Bugs

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Happy Saturday! I come to today with a delicious fruity tea made by Teavana! It is a total favorite of mine and my moms, however I shared this cup by myself. This tea is called Youthberry, and no, it doesn't make you look younger and nor does it turn you into berries! It's this beautiful tea that has an aroma that could make you a tea drinker for forever! It has a sweet smell and pretty color. Your first sip can be a bit strong but if you steep it absolutely NO LONGER than two minutes it tastes delightful. I like to add the slightest bit of sugar to mine to make the taste as sweet as the smell, because I will admit the smell is deceitful. Don't get me wrong! It tastes delicious! But when you smell it and you expect a sweet taste to match its smell- you'll be mistaken. So it just depends on the drinker.

This lovely tea pot has always been a favorite! It was a child's tea pot but I use it as a one cup serving kind of pot. I'm not much of a bugs or outdoors kind of gal so this lady bug tea pot may be the closest I will get besides posing for pictures and going on picnics! Well I'm off to enjoy my tea! Have a happy tea filled Saturday!

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