Playground Memories

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When you were five years old and you stepped on to the play ground everyday- it was magical.
Am I right? You made it anything you wanted it to be!  One day it was a giant castle and you were the damsel in distress at the top of the slide, the next day it was a land filled with fairies and dragons, and the next it was a war field and you were the nurse taking care of the injured solders. Those are all moments that will forever be with us, but let me ask you a  question.  Have you ever stepped on to or seen the same playground you played on as a child?  Or even one similar to it?...It was so much smaller than it appeared to be when you were five.  It's once bright colors became dull.  It's magical appearance faded over time... You see? Like with those playground memories, things in the past are sometimes best left in the past.  I'm not saying it's bad to reminisce, share stories, or use the past as a motivation.  What I'm saying is that it isn't good to live in the past or let it bring us down and keep us back. 
Too often in life we let things that have happened to us, things that have happened to people close to us, or things that we have done to ourselves or others get in the way of us and our future.  Every day is a new day- a new chance to succeed at what we failed at the day before or to try something new. Like those magical playground moments we need to leave the past in the past.  That way we can succeed in the things God has put in our lives TODAY, TOMORROW, and EVERY DAY IN THE FUTURE! Let go of the past and grab the future...

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Photos by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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