Floral Tones

Friday, August 19, 2016

This photo shoot was one to remember... Let me inform you that I fractured my spine at the beginning of the summer and I'm still a few months away from recovery.  Driving is beyond painful, lol! You don't notice how bumpy the roads are until each one hurts... Trust me! It's a bit embarrassing but I have to use a donut/butt pillow when I'm in the car. Well when I crawled into my dads car and we took off down the road and very quickly I realized I forgot my butt pillow in my car.  He has a jeep- VERY BUMPY TO BEGIN WITH! So when we drove into the country to my grandpa's cabin and we traveled into the woods behind it- the bumps became a lot more  frequent and a lot more severe... Ugh... By the time I got out of the jeep to pose in this lovely area I felt pretty beat up.  

I LOVE this dress! I found it at Marshalls this past spring and I have continued to love it since.  Actually here not too long ago I found another dress exactly like this but in a different print.  So expect to see that one soon too;P  Back to this dress though my mom and I got matching ones for our annual Mother's Day Tea we host at our home, and I was ABSOLUTELY DYING TO WEAR IT!  We got the dress a few weeks before the special day but of course I wanted it to be special so I waited and waited and waited... Then I got to wear it again for our Mock Trial Day in the court room my government class! I got to walk into the courtroom as a stylish lawyer if I may say so myself!
The flower crown was actually made by me! I have loved making flower crowns for years now! The first one I made a few years ago was from flowers taken out a wreath my mom had made.  When I put it on and showed it to her she loved it and then very quickly realized she liked it because she had picked the flowers out for her wreath, lol!  Well I have since bought my own flowers to arrange my crowns like I did this one.  They will continue to make MANY appearances on here(:

Marshalls dress similar- Marshall shoes similar- Flower crown made by Me
Photos by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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