Boaters and Bows

Sunday, August 7, 2016

To start off let me introduce myself... I'm Cori! I love art, style, and pushing others to let their true colors show. I think it's so important to BE YOU! Society tells us to change our style every couple of months, to do our nails, to make our hair perfect, work out six days a week, be a certain size, and dress to impress.  I'm not saying it's bad to go get your nails done or to workout, but I'm trying to say do all of those thing for the right reason.  For instance I LOVE to wear dresses! I just do! I like how they look on me, how they flow, the endless shapes and patterns you can find them, and how you can dress them up or down.  I don't wear them because society makes me feel like I have to but rather because I want to.  And so if you like wearing jeans and a tee then WEAR IT!

We have let society have a choke hold on us for too long!  If you like finding thrifted and vintage pieces with a story then you should wear them!  If you like the new line of dress from Emily and Fin or sweaters from ASOS you should wear those! Beauty on the inside is so much more valuable than beauty on the outside.  Make your inner beauty your number one priority.  Be yourself, be real, be kind, be loving, be compassionate, be humble, and be encouraging! THEN choose clothing that not only makes you happy and reflects your inner beauty, but clothing that is honoring to Jesus! 

 My lovely red blouse with the bow is from a small store in Savannah Georgia called Red Clover.  The small boutique has several cute things and it even has a website! My mom and I have gone to Savannah three times for our girl's trip and this is always a favorite we go back to.  My school girl button skirt was a total steal for $8 at Gap!  I was on the look out for a boater for a loooong time! And low and behold I walked right past this one and my mom pulled me back and asked if it was what I was looking for!!!! THANK YOU MOM!!! My shoes are a new favorite from Modcloth... A total inspiration from my favorite blogger A Clothes Horse!!! I love them!!!

top sold out from RedClover similar- skirt sold out from Gap similar- hat sold out from UrbanOutfitters similar- shoes ModCloth
Photo credits to Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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