A Summer Must

Friday, August 12, 2016

Gingham print has been all the rage this summer! And why not, right!? It's classic, fun, stylish, and cute! I found this piece at an Urban Outfitters on a girls trip to Charleston this past spring with my mom. It was one of those times I loved it on the hanger,and then I LOVED it on! I also knew I wanted a fun, chunky, bright necklace to go with it and I found this yellow gem a day later! 

My mom and I are together ALL the time! Like ALL the time! So mentions of her will be quite a bit(: Her and I were out shopping one day and she saw this Anne Klein bag! She thought it was cute but thought it was too "wild and out there"for her,but I got her to give it a shot... Well we see where the bag ended up... In my hands, but I am still pushing her to give it a shot! Your style is what YOU make it! If you like dresses on others but won't give it a try because it isn't "your style" or think a new floral print is gorgeous but just not you- its time to stop... Like I said your style is what you make it.  People aren't going dress you- you have to do it yourself! And that piece you eye every time you walk into a store and walk right past because it "isn't you" doesn't have a list of names that are allowed to wear it.  Wear it for crying out loud!...
And to start your weekend off with a lovely picture here is my little dog named, Pippy, posing with  her mommy!

yellow purse- dress out of stock similar- Mod Cloth shoes  - similar necklace
Photo credits to Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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